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   Are you a new and up and coming band looking to record some tracks? Do you think that some studios do not give you enough freedom with how you want your music recorded? Uranus Recording is a premier recording and mixing studio in Tempe, Arizona.

Being a top recording studio in Arizona is nothing new to Uranus, it is owned by the Gin Blossoms singer Robin Wilson. Uranus recording is also a historic recording studio in the Tempe music scene. This studio uses all of the state of the art recording devices like Pro Tools HD recording software, Nuemann , Shure , AKG microphones and a huge selection of musical instruments. Most studios with this much history and technology would cost a lot, no Uranus Recording they work with all types of budgets. When you need that next album recorded or mixed theright way give them a call at Uranus Recording. Visit today! 

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E. 8th street, Tempe, Arizona | 480-303-0436

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